From Plan to Done.

A to-do app with a built in sense of achievement.

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The Method

A systematic way to prioritize, plan and complete your tasks.

The TidyPlan method helps you create a realistic, achievable daily plan by restricting your focus to just six tasks a day. Store every task and promise you make in TidyPlan and then concentrate on today – TidyPlan will prompt you when deadlines are looming. By following TidyPlan’s systematic plan-prioritize-do cycle, broken promises and work stress are consigned to history.

Plan Mode

Choose the most important tasks to create today’s plan.

TidyPlan asks you questions to help you choose the most important tasks to do today. Planning Mode makes sure you don’t miss deadlines or break promises you have made. It also helps you prioritize and make those tough calls between important and urgent tasks.

Do Mode

Get tunnel vision and finish tasks one-by-one.

When your plan is ready, Do Mode gives you tunnel vision by displaying only the planned tasks on the front page. Because the plan is limited to six tasks, you have a realistic chance of finishing all the tasks in your plan before the end of the day. And if you finish early, you can always create another plan (or go home!).

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All the usual to-do app features (+ a few more)

TidyPlan includes everything you would expect of a to-do app, plus a few more: you can organize tasks in lists, add due dates to tasks, and postpone tasks for later. Once you’ve got into the swing of things, you’ll be reminded of looming deadlines well ahead of time.


Define what’s important for you.

In TidyPlan tasks are either important or they are not. There are no exclamation marks, priority numbers, or color labels. You decide what’s important for you and tell TidyPlan. Each time you input a new task, TidyPlan let’s you check if it matches your “important” criteria or not. We'll give you plenty of ideas and examples to get you started.


Never break a promise again.

It’s all too easy to make promises, but so much harder to keep them. That’s why we added a special feature to TidyPlan to help you keep track of what you’ve promised and to whom. TidyPlan will gently nudge you to take action when the time’s right and you’ll never break a promise again.


When we launch later this year, we will offer a 14-day free trial on both plans. No credit card required.

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Once upon a time...

The Story

It was autumn 2009 in the Punavuori district of Helsinki, Finland. Every day I would sit at my dad’s old architect's desk, programming Flash applications. Every day I would go home disappointed, feeling like I had not achieved enough. My to-do list was never-ending. Even on days when I completed a lot of tasks, there would always be many more that I had not even started. This feeling of underachievement was more than a little stressful.
Maybe you know what this feels like.

In 2011 I became a father. One brilliant thing about being an entrepreneur is that you can take long vacations without getting fired. I took three months off to get to know our new family member, and in between changing diapers and wondering at the extraordinary abilities of our baby ("Look, she can lift her head!") I had time to stop, read and think.

I hit on a profound, yet simple idea: to get everything done, you have to do less. The key to a sense of achievement and reduced stress was not to squeeze more work into the day, or to try to finish tasks faster, but simply to select fewer tasks in the first place. That way you can always complete them and feel good about yourself at the end of the day.

This sounds simple, but it’s not easy: how do you choose what to do each day? You can usually see which tasks are urgent, but how do you know what's important? Selecting just a few tasks means making some tough calls: do I create the report my colleague wants for this afternoon, or do I work on that important client proposal for next week?

This is what I built TidyPlan to do. TidyPlan is a to-do list, a task management app, but most importantly a method that helps you plan your workday, and get from Plan to Done each and every day.

Niko Nyman, Founder, TidyPlan

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